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Camp RX Program

Dear Camp Families,

Welcome to 79th Street Pharmacy. We are happy to help you with all your child's medication needs for the summer.  At 79th Street Pharmacy, we strive for personal customer service. Please feel free to call (646) 370-5978 or email us pharmacist@79thrx.com with any questions.

All medication will be dispensed and individually packaged in sealed packets labeled with your child's name, medicine, dosage and time to be given.  Our system ensures that each camper receives their correct medicine at the right time of day.  All medications will be sent to camp prior to your child's arrival.

79th Street Pharmacy will dispense all prescriptions taken daily or as needed except injectibles, liquids, refrigerated medications and compounds.

What you need to do:

Please register with 79th Street Pharmacy. To register, please fill out the "Camp Medication Registration" Form that is listed as a tab on this website under "Our Pharmacy."  Please fill out as best as you can.  You will need to fill out separate registrations for each child in your family taking medication at camp.  Please contact your doctor(s) to obtain prescriptions.  The best ways for your doctor to prescibe the medications are:

E-Scribe -  79th Street Pharmacy, Inc.

Fax -   (646) 398-7680

Mail - 215 West 79th Street, New York, NY  10024

We are also happy to follow up with your doctor(s) to obtain the prescriptions before the start of camp.

Insurance/Prescription Meds:

We accept most insurance plans. We will verify your insurance upon registration and submit to your plan.  You are responsible for all co-payments, deductibles and medications not covered by your insurance.

One time Packaging Fee per camper:

Up to 30 Days - $40

Over 30 Days = $60

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to help you register.

Warm regards,

Keith Lewis, Rph and the team at 79th Street Pharmacy