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UPDATE FROM CORNER DRUG TO OUR CUSTOMERS: WE ARE OPEN OUR NORMAL HOURS, Call 701-642-6223 to talk with a staff member to order your RX and any OTC. We will take you CC/DEBIT card info for payment and bring to your car. As we journey through this COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis, Corner Drug will continue to serve you.


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Event #1

Sync your Meds:

  1. One Stop Every Month
  2. All Rx's Filled
  1. Reminder call for pickup
  2. Never run out of your Rx
Event #1

AVOID AN Opioid Crisis:

  1. LOCK your meds, secure
  2. MONITOR take RX directed
  1. TAKE BACK to Corner Drug
  2. any unused meds!


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Sync your Meds

Medication Synchronization: How many times have you been to the pharmacy this past month to pick up multiple RX's? How would you like to have help managing your medications so your prescriptions are all filled at the same time? How would you like a call in advance about your refills so you never run out of your maintenance medications... Never having to get 2 to 5 pills to get you by or hold you over until your Dr. from the clinic can renew your prescription? Well Corner Drug can do just that by our medication synchronization.. Give us a call 642-6223 and our pharmacy staff will make your life easier! You will be taken care of above and beyond your imagination by this time saving FREE SERVICE by the PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS! who care about helping you stay healthy!


AVOID AN Opioid Crisis

Opioid overdose happens on TV, on the other side of town- but it also happens close to home. Anyone with an opioid prescription is at risk. Corner Drug wants you to learn the signs of an overdose. Be ready with Prescription Naloxone and call 911. Anyone can become addicted, friends, family, anyone. Don't lose them before they get a chance at recovery. Please protect yourself and those around you, by taking back unused drugs to Corner Drug, your locally owned Health Mart, located in Wahpeton.