Wavertree & London Natural Products

*Made in Australia


*All natural soap which means it's 100% pure plant oils and contains organic shea butter.


*Long lasting because of the French triple milling process used to make the soap.


*Rich and creamy lather allows the soap to rinse of cleanly and doesn't leave your skin feeling dry.


*Extremly moisturizing, allowing your skin to become softer and smoother each time you use the soap.


When you buy these luxury soaps you are not only supporting a business that's trying to make a difference in the environment by making all natural products but you are supporting yourself as well. The all natural ingredients are helping the environment by not having toxic chemicals polute the water and air each time the product is used. At the same time you are treating yourself, and your body, with rich, creamy and mositurizing soaps that will leave your body feeling wonderful and refreshed!