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We are very proud of the quality supplements we are able to provide to our patients. We have two main linesavailable to purchase in store.


First City Drugs

We have partnered with an amazing group in Vermont to create high quality, customized supplements. Because of this hands-on process, we are able to control what goes into our products. This ensures that our patients are only getting the best product possible. They are all Gluten-free and most are vegetarian as well. A few of our current favorites are:


Brain Support+ - There are several brain products currently being advertised on t.v. You are probably familiar with at least one of them. Ours differs from the rest because it has neurologically centered data to support its importance. Brain Support+ promotes memory and healthy brain function. Packed full of Chocamine and Acetyl L-Carnitine, you are sure to notice a difference with this supplement in your lineup.


Super B12 MC - Most of the vitamin B products you find on the shelves is expressed as cyanocobalamin. Ours differs because it is methylcobalamin. What's the difference? Not much on the surface. They are carried through the body through different carbon and hydrogen atoms. However, science has shown that methylcobalamin is absored much better by the human body, making it's consumers feel better in the process. 


Slumber Aid - For those looking for help sleeping, finding the right product can be an absolute game changer. Our Sulmber Aid combines GABA, ashwagandha, and melatonin, along with some other beneficial items to create a calming, sleepy experience. This expertly designed blend supports your circadian rhythym, which is essential to forming healhy sleep habits.


Pure Encapsulation

This company stand out from the rest because they take quality seriously. Their products are Gluten-free, non-GMO, and independently tested to ensure no inferior ingredients are sneaking through.


Ashwagandha - The use of Ashwagandha dates back to ancient times. It is used widely for stress management. Stress is something that most of us deal with on a daily basis, so it is helpful to have a non-prescription option for relief. It works by lowering cortisol levels in hour body. High cortisol levels can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression.


Digestive Enzymes Ultra - Made with over ten different vegetarian enzymes, this formula will help you get the most out of your food. This would ideally be taken with each meal. The enzymes promote nutrient absorption and aid in digestion.


Chromium - Chromium is considered an essential trace element.It is believed to aid in diabetes control and high cholesterol. In fact, a recent study found that type 2 diabetic patients taking a chromium supplement had decreased blood sugar levels as well as triglycerides.