Let Us Simplify Your Life!

All of the health with none of the hassle!

Your medications come organized in individual easy-open packages.  So when it’s time to take your next dose, simply tear the pouch off the roll, open your pack, and take your pills. That’s all there is to it!  No bottles, no uncertainty, no worry, & at NO EXTRA CHARGE!.


SMARTER Packaging simply takes all of your medications, and organizes them into a series of individual doses.

When it’s time to take your medications, simply tear off the next pouch and confirm the day and time.

SMARTER Packaging gives you, whether a patient or a caregiver,  a simple way to manage medications with convenience, confidence, and control. 

The easy-to-open clear packaging, enables you to quickly verify what medications to take and when to take them.

Forget fumbling around with multiple bottles, cumbersome medication planners, bulky blister packs, or not being able to read the prescription on the labels.  No longer will you wonder when the next dose is due, or if  the morning meds have been missed.

The goal of SMARTER Packaging is to have our patients take their medication as prescribed by their doctor, resulting in fewer hospital stays, and overall better health.

Let us help you stay healthy!


Fantastic for Caregivers & Homebound Patients

Legal for Convenient Travel 

Great if you need to take your prescriptions with you to work, and simple for schools to administor medications for kids during the school day.


A SMARTER option whether young or old, no matter if you take a single pill or several.


Lots of box options including:

Specific Dose Times  ex: 8:00 am

Morning, Noon, Bedtime

Large Print

Vitamins & OTC Pills can be packed

Sunrise & Sunset Images