How you pick up orders has changed

Respecting the medical center’s COVID-19 precautions, we are now closing at 5 PM and we are using curbside pickup from 1—5 PM.  Our workflow has been changed greatly due to these changes.  Here are some ways you can help us serve you most efficiently:

Call ahead.  Advanced notice of 1 day really helps.

Leave us a message if we don’t answer—your message will be read and responded to.

Let US call YOU when your order is ready.  We’ll send a text or make a call to you.

Once you get our message that your order is ready, drive up to the front doors and call the pharmacy.  We will take your order to your vehicle.  Curbside pickup is from 1-5 PM unless other arrangements are made.

It’s OK to send a friend or family member to pick up your prescription.  Just let us know who it will be.

Mail and home delivery are options.

Sign up for our “sync” program, where we can synchronize your prescriptions for fewer pickups.

Like us on Facebook for fast policy updates.


 We love and miss our customers, and we promise to take care of you during this crazy time.  We sincerely thank you for making us your pharmacy.