We have been approved to dispense

and administer the 


COVID-19 Vaccine!



Under the direction of the Department of Health, our vaccination team will be accepting online pre-screening forms in preparation of the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine. 


By order of the governor, Pennsylvania is


vaccinating Phase 1A and 1B.





Please click here to fill out the pre-screening form.



You will be notified when appointments are available.


Please do not submit more than one form per person. If you have made a mistake, please call 412-344-6700 and the staff will help you with any necessary corrections. Submitting your form more than once will slow down your application. 




Please be patient with us as we await the arrival of

our allocation of the vaccine.



Our vaccination team, which includes our registered nurse, Diane Riley, our pharmacist and one-half of

the ownership duo, Tom Riley, as well as several student pharmacists, are working diligently to get the vaccine

into our pharmacy and to provide you the safest and most efficient COVID-19 vaccination clinic possible!




Thank you for both your patience and for

trusting us with your health during this difficult time.


We look forward to keeping you healthy!






Click here to view the Emergency Use Authorization and Information sheet for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.



Click here to view the CDC’s website on Coronavirus 



At the bottom: Check your symptoms using the CDC Coronavirus Symptom Checker below! 

Updated 4/6/2021