Compounding Services

Pharmacy Compounding Is A Tradition That Offers Customied Care To Meet The Specific Needs Of Each Individual Patient.

Areas of Compounding

Women’s Health

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Pain Management

Wound Care

Scar Creams



Pediatrics (Flavoring Medications)

Sports Medicine



Benefits of Compounding

•  Individualized dosing and delivery options not available commercially 

•  Elimination of unwanted filler ingredients 

•  Can combine multiple prescriptions into a single topical cream or capsule 

•  We may be able to provide medication that has been discontinued or in short supply

•  Potential for minimal side effects with creams compared to oral medications


Answering Your Questions About Compounding


Why Should I Use a Compounding Pharmacy?


Every patient is unique and not every commercially available medicine is right for everyone.  We help customize medicine by working with you and your physician by finding alternatives that will help increase both compliance and quality of life. 

Wether for hormone replacement therapy, pain, scar creams, your children or your pets, we are able to customize, monitor and reformulate many medications to help patients and physicians find the best healthcare solution available.


What is Compounding?


Compounding pharmacies have been around long before a 24 hour store, and nearly every prescription used to be compounded. Mass drug manufacturing was invented in the 1950’s, big pharma was created, and the industry was changed. Today, compounding pharmacies are back, and enhancing the delivery of your prescriptions with customized solutions that fit you perfectly.


Compounding for Pets?


Yes we do!  Our furry or feathered family members, can also benefit from compounding. Have you ever tried to give your cat or dog a tablet? It usually does not work. We make medicines for all kinds of animals including, birds, rabbits, horses and beyond!  Using our medicated creams you can rub it directly onto your pets skin, and they will never know the difference. Besides transdermal medication, we can also make flavored oral solutions, flavored treats and much more.


Does Insurance Cover Compounds?


Yes, and no.  Insurance coverage varies from plan to plan, however several major prescription plans do cover compounding.  Our team will gladly check with the insurance provider to determine coverage and options.  We have many compounds that have a comparable cost as a copay. 


Why Playa Pharmacy?

At Playa Pharmacy we understand the challenges of medicine, and make your health a priority. Wether for a child, elderly parent, burn survivor or pet, we are here to offer individualized medicine because we belive in helping people live better lives.