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Natural Medicines Alternative

The human body is made of multiple systems. These individual systems have their own functions which maintain our body's natural state of balance.  We feel our best, or healthy; when our bodily systems are functioning together with "ease".  When this balance is interrupted, it produces symptoms of dysfunction and we feel "dis-ease".

Many physicians prescribe traditional medications which tend to temporarily mask the dysfunction and minimize symptoms. They often work against the body's natural balance and can cause further dysfunction within a different system.  This usually leads to more prescribed medications and the body becomes unable to regain its natural state.

Natural remedies help the body to heal itself. These may include therapies using herbs, oils, teas, vitamins, massage, meditation, exercise, or nutritional counseling.

Most "dis-ease" is caused by environmental factors outside of the body, which may trigger stress.  This can result in reactionary behaviors like worry, fear, anger, fatigue and/or depression.  These recurring behaviors, over time, can manifest the "dis-ease" inside the body.

The alternative treatments recommended by the pharmacist are a balanced-method of education, counseling, and natural medicine.  Education essentially teaches how to help recognize these triggers while counseling provides the coping strategy to modify reactionary behavior. The proper use of natural medicinal remedies can aid the body with healing and promoting better health.

The goal is to treat the whole person -- mind, body, and spirit. This approach heals the root causes of the illness and not just minimize or stop the symptoms.