Patient Medication Administration

Stoll’s Pharmacy, Inc. fulfills all of your medication administration needs. We offer a variety of customized Medication Administration Records (MAR/eMAR), allowing you to select the ones that will let your staff completely and accurately document medication administration. We offer printed side-effect information, quarterly drug regimen, and chart reviews so that you stay in complete compliance with state and federal regulations.

Printed Medical Records Provided – Our pharmacy software system allows us to customize a Medical Administration Record (MAR) to meet the needs of any facility. We also print physician’s orders, treatment sheets, and many specialty reports to assist facilities with record keeping and compliance with all State and Federal regulations.

Patient Chart Review – We can schedule on and off site chart reviews prepared by our Consulting Pharmacist. These reviews will be completed with a written report to the facility highlighting any interactions or recommendations identified during the review.

Assorted Specialized Packaging – Stoll’s Pharmacy understands the importance of taking the right prescription, in the right amount, at the right time. This is why we have many different types of packaging systems to meet your specific needs. From standard vials, to daily number blister cards and pill boxes, to Medicine on Time, which assists in keeping your time sensitive medications separated, we can give you a packaging system that works for you and your client.

Medication Boxes—At Stoll’s Pharmacy, we utilize numerous types of medication box packaging systems. Medication boxes are mostly used by individuals in their own home when they are having a difficult time keeping their medications in order. More than 25% of hospital emergency room visits are due to medication non-compliance, while greater than 15% of nursing home admissions are because of medication mismanagement. Medication boxes prepared and delivered by Stoll’s Pharmacy, Inc. dramatically reduce the chance of medication mishaps. We use a standard weekly medication box containing slots for morning, noon, evening, and bedtime dosages. Smaller boxes are also available, containing only morning and evening medications. Some boxes are easier to read than others are---some easier to open than others...we will work with each patient to determine the best medication box method. 

Blister Packs - (bubble packs) are the most commonly used packaging for solid oral medications. Medications may be packaged in any amounts up to a 31-day supply. We currently offer a 28, or 30-day cycle fill.  The 28-day cycle fill is unique. We began using this format a few years ago at the request of our clients. The 28-day packaging allows homes the opportunity to have cycles delivered on the same day every four weeks. Administrators, nurses, or managers do not have to come in on a weekend or holiday to deal with the "switch out"---now they can do it during the week when staff is at full strength.

Medicine-On-Time® is a unique form of packaging for medications. The basic building block of Medicine-On-Time is the “time specific” dosage cup. The standard size cup may contain up to six medications for a single administration time. The high capacity cup may contain up to twelve medications for a single administration time. Each cup is sealed and labeled with three things: the patient’s name, administration date and time and the dosage cup’s content. Dosage cups are packaged by your pharmacist in color coded calendar frames. These reusable frames are prepared in either a monthly or weekly format. The most common format is monthly and each color designates a specific hour of administration. The Medicine-On-Time system is of great benefit. Not only has it drastically reduced potential medication errors, it also reduces the amount of time required to set-up a med pass. Our pharmacy’s goal is to improve the quality of care received by each of your clients while simultaneously reducing the amount of staff time required to achieve this goal.