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KEEP prescriptions in their ORIGINAL containers (your name and dosing information is on the label)

RE-LOCK the caps on child-resistant bottles (medications can be extremely harmful or toxic to children as well as pets!) If child-resistant packaging is difficult for you, be sure to keep medications in a safe place out of the reach of kids and pets.

KEEP medications out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. Sunlight can affect the potency of some medications. Humidity can degrade or damage some medications, so the bathroom cabinet is not always the best place, either. If in doubt, ask your pharmacist.

DO NOT keep medications in the refrigerator unless instructed to do so by your pharmacist or physician.

KEEP a 3-5 day reserve supply of medications (out of the reach of children and pets, of course!) with you, or somewhere else easily accessible in case of an emergency. For additional safety, keep these medications in labeled containers.

MEDICATION DISPOSAL should be a part of your spring and/or fall cleaning ritual. Check the expiration dates. If no date is available, assume the drug has expired 6 months after purchase. If the drug has changed color or has an unusual odor, assume it is no longer safe . DO NOT DISPOSE OF MEDICATIONS BY THROWING THEM IN THE TRASH OR FLUSHING THEM DOWN THE TOILET. Not only is this practice illegal, it is unsafe. Instead, turn these medications in to your pharmacist for information and guidance on proper disposal.


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