Dr. Jordan Call, Pharm. D.

Jordan Call is a local young man who was raised and lived in the Snowflake and Taylor community most of his entire life. Graduated from Snowflake High School in 2005, he decided to start his goal of becoming a pharmacist. After moving to and from Phoenix, starting right away as a pharmacy technician, he was quickly able to work up into a lead technician position, and floated around to different pharmacies learning as much as he could along the way. In 2008, he took his lovely wife Bonnie, and his first born to Kansas City, Missouri and started taking Pre-Pharmacy course-work never taking his eye off the end goal. In 2010, Jordan was accepted into the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy and graduated with his Doctorate in Pharmacy in 2015. 

As soon as Dr. Call graduated, he and his wife decided the best place to be would be right back at home where they started. They drove 1000 mile journey back to Snowflake and bought a beautiful home right in Snowflake. Since becoming a pharmacist Jordan has ONLY been a pharmacy manager. He relies on his past rotations, clinical knowledge, and vast pharmacy expericence dating back to 2005 in over 50 different pharmacies, across three different states to lead his teams into success. Despite personal health difficulties, miracles have allowed him to keep his career in check, and continuing doing what he loves best. 

Lately, Jordan and his wife are tired of seeing the technician to pharmacist ratio continue to drop, as wait-times and volume goes up. Just when patients are needing more and more new and advance medication therapies, in an ever-complicated pharmacy industry, the large corporate pharmacies are working their pharmacist's staff to the bone, and it was Jordan's opinion that these types of conditions were not the best way to ensure safety and upholding the complete pharmacist oath.

Dr. Call wants to help the community thrive, he wants to help you better understand your disease states, or medication managements. He wants to get to know you and help simplify your medication lists. He wants to ensure that no matter what, they focus with the perspective of patient's first, and never loose sight of that fact. It is time for coporations to learn from small town America. It is time to help have the empathy for each individual. It is time to help treat people like people. We need to stop seeing customers like numbers, or problems. It is time to give back to the communities that helped raise Jordan and Bonnie to bring them to the place they are today. Thank you for all of your support! It means more than you will ever know.