Our Pharmacy


Milburn Pharmacy has developed a program to increase convenience, compliance, and understanding of your medication regimen. The ultimate goal of the program is to get your medication filled on the same day every month. This means ONE trip to the pharmacy per month! This should help our customers save on gas & time. Call or stop by our pharmacy to get more detailed information on our Med Sync program and so much more.....

  • Medication reviews
  • Diabetes products and services
  • Text Alert
  • Med Sync
  • Flu/Pneumonia Shots
  • Drive-Thru
  • Immunizations
  • Medicare Part D
  • Medication reviews

Products & Specialties

  • Broad availability of brand and generic prescription medications
  • Private-label, over-the-counter medications
  • Pharmacist counseling
  • Bathroom Aids
  • Canes & Walkers
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • Medical Supplies
  • Wheelchairs
  • Wound Care