Optimizing Outcomes for ACOs & Hospitals

We possess the expertise & technology necessary to help our partnering ACO, SSP and Hospital Discharge care coordinators acheive the optimal patient related outcomes required to succeed as Value for Service health care providers. 

Our coordinated care approach to healthcare is supported by the fluid relationship which we establish with our partnering providers. By focusing on the entirety of the (PCP) physician's treatment plan, our expertise extends beyond the pharmaceutical complexities of dispensing medications and into the clinical realm as supported by CMS for Part D providers.



Value added services, implemented via the most advanced technologies in the pharmacy industry:

* Medication Therapy Management- including compliance & adherence measures 

* Medication Review & Physician Outreach measures

* Med Sync services

* Appointment Based Model Dispensing

* Prescribe Wellness Platforms- including daily med reminders & refill reminders   

* Immunization & Screening Services

* E-Scribe & Patient intitiated Online Refills 

* On-site Rx Delivery services




Through the integration of RX SOLUTIONS we are equipped with the knowledge, expertise & technologies necessary to successfully help relevant elderly & chronic-disease state patient populations meet the health benchmarks relevant to minimizing physician's visits and recurrent hospital admits. 


By staying at the forefront of navigating the increasingly complex Affordable Care Act intitatives, we understand the language and processes which drive a Value Based vs. Fee For Service based provider model.  Producing positive patient healthcare outcomes translates into success for our Value Based coordinating care partners. Our coordinated care partnership ensures that your priorities are our priorities.




Our platform technologies and relationships throughout Hampton Roads continue to allow us to be leaders in the field of community based pharmacy care.

The vertical relationships which we have built with patients, physicians, nurses, hospitals, home health agencies and ACO networks is testimony to the need for and success of our RX SOLUTIONS platform. 

To make DRUG CENTER PHARMACY'S RX SOLUTIONS an invaluable asset to the success of your ACO, SSP or Hospital Discharge Team please contact:

Rita Woods, Director of Community Outreach (757)201-8610

or via email: DrugCenerRx@cox.net.


Offering RX SOLUTIONS to help maximize Value for Service based outcomes!