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As a professional pharmacy, we take your health seriously. Whether treating an active case of Lyme disease, pain secondary to a surgical event, or a common cold, you deserve the dedication of an experienced medical team all the way from physician to pharmacist. We take great pride in being part of that team effort on your behalf.

With the wide range of therapies available today, safe and effective medication management can be very challenging. Our pharmacy team, led by two University of Connecticut Doctor of Pharmacy graduates, understands that today's medication regimens often include both traditional and homeopathic therapies. Our primary goal is to ensure that YOUR chosen combination of therapies is safe and effective.


Salem Health Mart Pharmacy offers a number of unique packaging alternatives which make remembering to take medication simple. This is a highly effective tool for patients and their caregivers to virtually remove the risk of either overtaking or undertaking medication. Stop in and we can show you examples of your options!

  • Medication reviews
  • Diabetes products and services
  • Email and text message refill reminders
  • Compounding
  • Diabetes Consulting
  • Medicare Part D
  • Medication reviews

Products & Specialties

"One thing I love about Health Mart is that we get a delivery from our wholesaler 6 days a week! That means even if we don't have something in stock, we will have it tomorrow morning! That makes us very unique and allows us to provide better customer service to our patients". Wendy Mikolinski, pharmacist

  • Broad availability of brand and generic prescription medications
  • Private-label, over-the-counter medications
  • Pharmacist counseling
  • Bathroom Aids
  • Candy
  • Canes & Walkers
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • Gifts & Novelties
  • Greeting Cards
  • Medical Supplies
  • Wheelchairs
  • Wound Care