SureMed Easy Way to Take Multiple Meds.

Making It Easier To Take Multiple Medications.

We will pre-sort your daily medications on each blister card by time of day and dose.

Your medications are organized by your pharmacist in a convenient blister card

that shows exactly what to take and when to take it.

Taking medications as directed by your physician can improve your health and save you money.


No more wondering or worrying if medications were taken.

  * Daily prescribed doses are pre-sorted and packaged by time of day

   * Packaging shows at-a-glance what to take and when to take it

   * Easy-to-follow system helps prevent missed or doubled doses

* Convenient alternative to filling weekly pill boxes


Keeping to your daily regimen helps:

* Maintain independence and improve quality of life

* Treat and prevent illnesses

* Control chronic diseases

* Reduce emergency room, hospital, and related follow-up visits

* Save on healthcare costs associated with not taking medications correctly


Manage medications the easy way.

Learn more about managing your medications.

Ask your pharmacist if you have any questions.